Monday, September 18, 2017

Bosna #3 Done-a-roo

Bosna #3, cotton, machine pieced and machine quilted. 63" square. I am slowly getting the series quilted, and have one top left to quilt, before I continue adding to the series. In my head I am thinking 15 pieces would make a great exhibit. I have 8 so far.
 I particularly like this one, because it accomplishes the subtle color shifts associated with Harold Krisel's work, which I hope to emulate. Secretly, it also gives me a reason to collect blues, teals  and oranges of various shades to incorporate in these works. 
As for my imagined exhibit, I have no venue or invitation, so this is all a fantasy, but these days I am believing in 'if you build it, they will come'.
The sewing room at church has been met with tremendous enthusiasm and I am so thrilled at the response. Hurray!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Community Sewing Room

 This idea came into my head...why not make a sewing room in the vacant room at church that used to house our knitting group's yarn storage? Tables and chairs were readily available and the room was well lit and air conditioned, and I had extra supplies of everything needed for sewing and quilting. This morning I mounted the big design wall, and tomorrow I will get a batt big enough to cover it (60% off Joann's coupon). In the meantime, I have pinned up a top and some blocks over a piece of white cotton, to simulate the effect. There is a large cutting table and another for pressing, covered slapdash at the moment with a canvas covered blanket, and held fast with bulldog clips. Hey, it works and I will make it look better in coming days. On the small table is cone thread and my entire scrap collection. 
 My good old Panasonic iron, with auto-shut off will get used and behind the pressing table is a wire shelf unit which just needs has been waiting for about 5 years. Maybe now it will happen.

Two of my machines are set up here, and I still have another at home. And on the right wall, a smaller 48" design wall. My sister found this Elna (made in Switzerland!) on the side of the road, I kid you not, and it works just great, so it came along to join the fun.

How have I managed to collect so many rotary cutters, scissors, pins and needles? Also on the table are two mats and oodles of rulers and templates. We already have a good supply of fabric and more is waiting to be hauled upstairs.
This room is on the third floor, no elevator! So it's a good thing we have enough sewing machines to get us started.
Who is the us of which I speak? So far I know of two others in the church who showed a great deal of interest, and I am thinking that once we announce this facility, folks will come out of the woodwork. If you build it, they will come. I hope.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Bosna #8

Bosna #8
Hand dyed and commercial cottons, 57x53" machine pieced and machine quilted.
Lime green, teal, red-orange, yellow and can I make a quilt without these colors? But now I added black, gray and white. O. K. I feel the whoosh of the combo.

Lots of quilting, taking up my days. I am not complaining. It was fun. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Back to the Bosna Series

Bosna #7
60x40", machine pieced unquilted top.
It turns out that this simpler design is much more challenging than a zillion 4 patches!

It's a little bit fussier than my previous Bosna designs, but I will regain my minimalism shortly, I hope. The thing I love about the Bosna quilts is their simplicity and strength of design, so wimpy little bits are distractions rather than additions. O well. As I look at these detail photos I see some pleasing shapes and good spacing. 

 I keep looking at the work of Harold Krisel (saved on my Pinterest board) as I try to pare down my elements into just the essentials. One of the intriguing facets of his work is the addition of a few low contrast colors, such as this pink stripe. It shows up in this photo but in real life is hardly there!
McCormick Gallery | Artists | Harold Krisel (1920 - 1995) 
Here's a great example of the low contrast in the elements of Krisel's painting.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

30's Revisited

 I made myself finish this top yesterday, as predicted. It needs more width, which I will add when mindless sewing is required. 53x77" at the moment and is now on the pile of 14 tops awaiting the quilting urge. I'm glad I got it out of my system, and can move onto more challenging designs. I do love the fabrics in it, and can see using them a while. 

 But for now, I must consider a wonkier design and mucho scrappy as my scrap collection is now overflowing. This little tryout was more fun for me, and has potential, maybe. 
Already today I have had a bit of  excitement, as my sister needed to be taken to the emergency room with a kidney stone. I was happy to be her driver. She's much better now, all drugged up and sleeping. So now I will clear the tables and look at fabric possibilities. 

Monday, August 28, 2017


This is my long desired 30's quilt top which I have been sloooooowly sewing for the past ten days or so. It's quite an easy pattern and I am having no trouble putting it together, except for the UTTER BOREDOM it provides. You've heard of nap quilts, well working on this one makes me want a nap after only a few sections are added. There is no challenge and I know what comes next and after that and then more of the same. But today I am MAKING myself finish it and then putting it away until I can enjoy the process of quilting it. I do love the look of the 30's fabrics, and I invested in a set of 20 half yards to make this piece. I'll have lots of fabric left from doing this. 
 I began with a load of four patches and considered doing 16 patches, but went for the overall look above. The top will measure 52x80" and then I will maybe add a border. We'll see. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Moons and Stars

What a week! After making 25 stars, I felt this wasn't enough, so I started making nine-patches. Then I decided that connecting them with little triangles would bow-tie everything together. But my thread cutter kept jamming up on my sewing machine, and the thread repeatedly came out of the needle every other seam so I got out my back-up machine and kept at it. But the loudness of the second machine was annoying awful. Both machines went into the repair shop and a couple of days later I NOW have two great working machines. But my car won't start! Arrgghh. I won't even mention the news of the week which accompanies my sewing. Double Arrgghh!

 The blocks are 8" finished, resulting in a top that is only 53"ish. Not big enough for my self-imposed rule of making tops at least 60" on a side. something will be added to increase the finished dimensions.
I am loving the scrappy look which is faked by cutting three inches off half yards and fat quarters which recently joined my stash. Lots of leftovers on my worktable.