Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Diamond Panel Jacket #9

The new short sleeve jacket for Judith, made from  Casablanca, 60% wool, 20% silk and 20% mohair, and Creative Focus Superwash, 50% merino, 50% wool. 
Although she requested a sleeveless version, I extended the shoulders just five rows in order to prevent peaky shoulders. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Diamond Panel Jacket #8

The yarn is Noro Taiyo, 40% Cotton, 30% Silk, 15% Nylon, 15% Wool and Zara 50% merino, 50% silk. Mother of Pearl buttons. Finished in 16 days because the yarn was so yummy I couldn't stop!

Made for Nancy in Boston, another pug mom.Photo:

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Juice Fast: Day Seven

I have enjoyed every veggie/fruit juice drink I mixed, and have gotten my husband to drink some all-fruit concoctions. There was no hunger but I could tell when I was in need of my second juice meal if I waited too long, sort of a tired feeling. My weight has dropped from 32 pounds lost to 35 pounds lost and I've not had any coffee all week. Surprisingly no headaches either, which usually happen when I try and break the caffeine habit.
Another surprise if I can speak delicately, I expected to be in the bathroom often, like when one prepares for a colonoscopy, but no. Just regular regularity.
So my overall feeling is that this juice thing works. I feel great, but then I felt great before, so no real difference. It's not like I was hoping for a great weight loss, having already achieved my goal, so the extra three pounds lost only makes me feel like I need a belt to keep my pants up.
I was bothered by all the food going down the drain, so put some in the front garden bed and covered it with dirt, hoping it will decompose.
And I bought blemished fruit since it was way cheaper and much riper, especially the pears which taste so good in juice.

And now I think I will go back to solid food even tho this was to be a week long fast, I believe I have made a go of it, and would easily return to it should I need to correct my diet.
So I am celebrating...35 POUNDS LOST!!!

Friday, September 30, 2016


Image result for kaleImage result for basilImage result for celeryImage result for spinachImage result for red grapefruitImage result for cucumberImage result for granny smithImage result for beetrootImage result for carrot
Day one was a snap, for breakfast I juiced oranges, pink grapefruit, and two small apples. Dee-licious. But then I made a second juice of beet with greens, kale, apples, carrots and celery. It came out very red and to me super good, but Dave wouldn't have any. So much for getting him to try veggies.
Later I made a cucumber, carrot, kale, celery and apple mix and it was also yummy. But then I love veggies.
That was all for the day and I had no hunger. Hmm.
So this morning I tried a big combination of kale, spinach, carrots, grapes, apples, basil from the garden, tomato, cucumber and celery. I got a lot more juice this time, a disgusting khaki green but o so yummy again.
The Cuisinart juicer is easy to rinse clean and so there is no down side so far. Feeling fine despite not having my daily coffee start. No salt involved and of course no refined sugar. That's gotta count for something.
I will stay on this for a week and see how I feel.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Yes, we signed the contract and we close on October 26th, God willing. What a relief!! We are happy with the deal, price wise and even happier to know we can put owning two houses behind us. We've finally found our proper place in Chattanooga.

So it was Dave's birthday and we had steak, sweet potatoes, pan grilled zucchini and poblano peppers and corn. For a birthday cake, I bought Dave a cheesecake sampler. His fave. But I forgot to mention the wine. In June Dave's sister Carol and her husband Dan had left us with a wonderful bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain, 14 %, I haven't had any wine since June, and 8 ounces later and I was tucked into my bed at about 3 in the afternoon.  Slept all night there and woke up at 5:30 to feed the hungry dogs. Some birthday.
Image result
I watched this documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix and was convinced that we need to start eating more veggies and fruit and by we, I mean DAVE! He watched it too and said he would go along with me on this eating healthier path. So I ordered a juice extractor, because this way he can drink his veggies and get off the starch and sugar diet he lives on currently.
 We got this Cuisinart and it arrived five days early so we will start today. Lots of recipes are available online and I am off to the store to buy stuff I never used to buy. Woowoo!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

At Last!

It is finally chilly in the mornings, and thank heaven for that. Today I wished I had donned a coat when I walked the dogs. Woowoo!
Today is Dave's 62nd birthday and we planned a lot of things that are now on hold.
We got a contract on the Hixson house and we sent a counter offer, so we are waiting by the phone to see if the buyer agrees to our terms.
What a great birthday present if he agrees.
I'll let you know what happens.

Friday, September 23, 2016

I Did It!!

I began this diet on June 25th and today I weighed in and lost 30.5 pounds! An average of 10 pounds per month. I am so happy to have decided to take off this weight. All my clothes fit so much better and my knees and feet feel the effect of less Mel walking on them.
Here's what I did;
I used the site to log in what I ate and how many calories were consumed. The program asks for your goal and calculates the calorie budget for your weight loss.
In the beginning I was given about 1400 calories per day and could discount any exercise I did from that total. I walked the dogs twice a day for 15 minutes each.
My choices were simple. I knew to stay away from all breads, pasta, rice etc and wine! and to keep my protein to 4 ounces per meal. But I was in a hurry and ate just two meals a day.
Breakfast was coffee, bran flakes, and almond milk which is only 30 calories for 8 ounces.
Lunch was veggies and 4 ounces of meat. Snack? an apple or peach. That was it  for the day. Less than 600 calories. I was never hungry. Seriously. Without the sugar I didn't experience the highs and lows and could keep on track. And it is the protein that satisfies cravings.  I tried to eat my lunch around 2, and having an apple at 5 helped for the evening.

It amazes me that life has become so simple when it comes to shopping and stocking the pantry. I love to cook, but that is a dangerous to me hobby. My husband makes his own meals because he eats day and night. He has gained weight but isn't the least concerned because he is still a stick.
Now I can make a small roast and it lasts for days. Lots of veggies and salads, and fruit in our house and I discovered a salad dressing that is delicious and very high protein and low calorie.
Mel's Salad Dressing
3 tablespoons fat free Greek Yogurt
1 tablespoon lemon juice
salt, pepper, garlic powder and
one packet of Equal.
Mix it up and drizzle on greens, tomatoes, cucumbers and anything else you like in a salad. Dee-lish!