Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What? ? ?

We're moving AGAIN! I kid you not. It all began when my sister and I were surfing Zillow, looking for a house for her. It is not her time to move, but what caught my eye were the lovely homes for WAY LESS money than we paid to live downtown. We thought being downtown would mean lots of fun stuff to do, but reality is way different. We really can't take advantage of any of the attractions and the busy streets are so difficult when walking the dogs. So Dave and I started having house looking adventures, on our own at first and then with an agent. 
Everything we loved was snatched up in minutes after we saw them online, and what we saw in person was horrendous! I wanted something with privacy and quiet and a fenced yard for the pups. Space for my studio (of course) and a place for Dave to have his guitars, tv, stereo, drawing stuff and above all, LOW maintenance.
What we bought (yesterday!) was a condo, on a cul-de-sac, two floors, 700 sq. ft. bigger than our house, for $115K less! What a bargain, even with the very small HOA fees. The pups will have a yard and we will have plenty o'space for all the stuff we do. With LOW maintenance outdoors.
7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421
I never thought I could live in a condo, but love conquers all and it was love at first sight. It has a big open floor plan with three beds and three baths, walk in closets, walk in attic storage and even cabinets in the 2-car garage!
7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421
All the closets are wonderfully large, and have pug-hair colored carpeting. I told Dave, no painting, no plumbing, no shoveling, just vacuuming.
7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421This is the master downstairs and it is also huge. Lotsa beige. Hmm. I think I will have it painted before we move. 
7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421Upstairs is a huge bedroom with adjoining sitting room, with skylight and walk in closet, full bath and access to the attic storage. At first I was thinking this would be my studio space but instead I am taking the front bedroom downstairs, just the right size for me.
7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421
The screened porch is right off the dining room and faces east for morning coffee.7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421 7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 374217809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421 
I am giving up my white on white interior for another beige one, but thinking ahead, the painters can come in and fix that before we move. We plan to switch houses slowly and stage our current place as this one is staged. What a difference it makes when you see the size of the rooms with furniture in them.

7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 374217809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421
The eat-in kitchen is bright and cheery, with maple cabinets and granite counters (ugh). I will miss my white counters and gas stove  but that can be fixed too, eventually!
7809 Legacy Park Ct, Chattanooga, TN 37421
I love the turquoise living room pictured, but the reality is much darker than this photo. Too bad. Can't have dark and gloomy. White is needed, especially since we can have it done. Have it done is my new catch phrase. Yay!!!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


 This is the bread recipe that I use. It is pretty basic and can also be used for pizza dough, leaving out the extra stuff.
A finished loaf, minus a few slices.

The ingredients.

 To the flour, add the dry yeast and the rest of the other ingredients. The seeds and onions are optional, or you could substitute fruit and cinnamon for a sweet loaf.

Add 12 ounces of tap water.

Mix in your fancy new red stand mixer with the dough hook until a nice ball forms.
 Then put it in a non-metallic bowl and cover and let rise until double or more. Turn out on floured counter and shape into loaf and place in greased baking dish or on a heated oven safe tile and bake for 35-40 minutes at 425. Of course you could brush it with beaten egg first and add sesame seeds if you like, or not. I like to do that and sprinkle a little kosher salt on top too. Makes a great holey crunchy loaf. Yum!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Stuff #2

It's been raining a lot and my regular coat isn't really working to keep me dry, so I thought I would look for an actual raincoat. Off to the thrift store we went and voila! I got me a bargain. A real trench coat that fits with the tags still attached. And the sleeves don't need to be shortened for my tyrannosaurus arms.  I beat the system with this price, originally $215 for $20! I love the thrift store.

 My second 'beating of the system' is this brandy new Kitchen Aid 5 qt. stand mixer. I looked online and saw prices that ranged from $339 to $160. Of course I went for the lower price. Plus I got a coupon that gave me $8 off and free shipping. Total, $152.00. I am thrilled with my new gadget.

 It has a dough hook so first I made bread, onion sunflower, poppy, sesame seed. Yum.

 And then breakfast pork sausage with our garden sage, marjoram and hot pepper flakes. 

 And for good measure, I had lots of small yellow delicious apples which I peeled and sliced, added lemon juice and cinnamon, brown sugar, mixed dried berries and walnuts, and melted butter. I then topped that melange with a spice cake mix, using the eggs, oil and water as directed and baked. So yummy and delish. 
So now back to the sewing room which I have been avoiding because it needs a good de-clutter. Loving our warm and wet November!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Isabella Cardigan

 Isabella Cardigan 
Kudo Yarn: Aran: 55% Cotton, 40% Rayon, 5% Silk 
Isabella Yarn: Aran: 60% Wool, 30% Silk, 10% Rayon

Whaddya know? Something with sleeves! Baby it's cold outside, even in balmy eastern Chattanooga, so it is the right time to pull on a cozy cardi and warm up. This lightweight knit is non-itchy as all my knits are and measures 42" at the bust and 48" at the hip, with a 26" length .
$100 plus shipping.
Email me. SOLD

And #4 baby quilt is finished. I decided to go with orange fabrics and not just scraps. It feels good getting into the stash and seeing new combos. I asked my quilting friends for batting scraps and already Margo has delivered a huge amount. Off to the church sewing room today for everyone to use! Thanks so much Margo!

Friday, October 27, 2017

Baby Quilt?

 I found some blocks that were used to demo flip and sew and thought they would work for another baby quilt. They were already quilted and so all I need to add was width. I cut batting and backing to the size needed and then did more flip and sew. Then I cut that piece in half length wise and attached it to the center blocks. Easy peasy!
It turns out these quilts are not going to Newton as previously mentioned. So now I am making them for Ronald McDonald House. The number is unlimited, so I definitely am going to enlist any and all sewers. Yesterday at the church my friend Patsy and I unpacked three boxes full of fabrics donated by our fellow knitter Martha and we are so excited to have all these new materials to use up. Woowoo!

This is the quilt chosen for display at church. It is Reformation Sunday, and the appropriate color is RED!
Cruciform Series 1: Red 2005 59" x 59"

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Baby Quilts

The second quilt for the Newton Child Development Center, cotton, machine pieced and quilted. 36x54".
I used only scrap strips, including large scraps of batting, zigzagged together onto the backing before adding the top.  This is a great way of using up the leftovers which pile  up so quickly. And the log cabin setting is fun and fast.
With this quilt, I didn't use quilt as you go, but made the top first and then quilted it, just like a regular quilt. I love how it just fits my table exactly. The colors might be a little girly, but the first quilt was a little more boyish, so it's only fair.
This kind of  sewing is so much fun, satisfying and stress free.
 I quilted it in big juicy plumes, also fast and fun.

 I have a new regime in my kitchen. I insist on being the only cook, which has greatly helped keep the counters and floors clean. It has taken a few days of training, but Dave is getting the idea that I am in charge and he belongs on the other side of the counter, to be served. He gets much healthier meals this way and the kitchen doesn't get out of hand as quickly.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Breakfast Party

It was pouring down rain but we had planned this breakfast party in the sunshine, so it went on as planned. Brooke and her workmate Kitt, arrived hungry and the dishes were ready promptly. Spinach quiche, bacon, hash browns, OJ, chai tea and plenty of fruit. 
Brooke surprised me with a Dragon fruit. 

 You may think we are eating healthy, but this fruit is leftover from that fry up breakfast. O well.

On the quilt front, I made this little quilt yesterday, quilt as you go, and it was so fun, being small and bright. It measures 36x54" ish and now that it is up on the wall, I see where I went awry, right hand lower side. I doubt a five year old will quibble. I like the idea of using up scraps and just making something a little kid can cuddle up in and call her own.